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Stop Human Trafficking. Prevention Course.

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1 hour Human Trafficking Massage Continuing Education Required Course.

Approved for Florida Massage Therapists & Physical Therapists

Number of Hours

1 CE Hours / Credit

Course Description

Course Description: This course is an introductory course for massage therapists and bodyworkers about Human Trafficking.  The massage field is a large arena for the exploitation of humans for commercial sex. But, labor trafficking is a major component of crime in the cities and towns that we all work in.

This course will describe and answer some of the questions about what trafficking is, how it is advertised and promoted, and the probability that we might have to report or thwart it. There are several arenas where trafficking occurs, but this course is primarily concerned with Human/Women Trafficking and Labor Trafficking.
There is a difference between migrant workers and victims of labor trafficking. There is discussion about migrant smuggling versus legitimate migrant labor, and who is involved in both enterprises. Children are often involved in trafficking, but it is only briefly described since the bodywork field usually involves adults and not minors.
Therapists will learn how to identify behavior that might be linked to possible trafficking and recruitment and how to safely keep themselves from becoming victims. There are resources for victims, plus ways to report suspicious behavior. 
While most bodyworkers will not likely encounter victims, the chances of coming into contact with traffickers and recruiters are much more feasible. One of the best ways to curtail much of this illicit activity is to identify the perpetrators who make huge money at the expense of others. 
People in the healthcare field, especially massage and bodywork, have a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with potential executives in charge of these enterprises, as they have the means to utilize our services.  Bringing these people to justice is a huge step in reducing the incidences of trafficking in our businesses and communities.

Goal: To learn and identify key traits on how to determine those being affected by human trafficking and to know what to do if you encounter someone being trafficked. 

Course Objectives

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to master the following objectives with a minimum of 70% accuracy:

Define Human and Labor Trafficking
Differentiate between legitimate migrant labor, migrant smuggling, and labor trafficking
State the behavioral characteristics of traffickers and recruiters
Describe the tactics used to lure victims into trafficking venues
Identify behaviors that would indicate that a client is attempting to enlist services for criminal enterprises
List resources that are available to victims and appropriate ways to report that activity
Approvals & Disclaimers

This course is ONLY approved for Florida Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists. The NCBTMB and many states do NOT accept this course.

  • This course is NOT mailed (as it is all available online; however, you can always print it if desired).
  • This course is NOT an online video (as it is all reading material).
  • This course does NOT count as live, in-person classroom credits.
  • No refunds will be issued whatsoever after ordering.
  • If you fail, you can retake it up to 3 times automatically.

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